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Delta Optical Titanium 12x56 ROH (Art:00197148)

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Titanium 12x56 ROH (Art:00197148)

Delta Optical Titanium 12x56 ROH binoculars are binoculars with 12x magnification designed for night and twilight hunting. Its large 7.0 mm exit pupil ensures maximum brightness and the highest image contrast in night conditions, which corresponds to the properties of the best scopes with lenses of the same diameter. The Titanium 8x56 ROH binoculars have the largest field of view and the greatest image stability. It is the most popular model from the entire ROH series in Poland and abroad. In the tests of the " Wild und Hund " magazine, the binoculars received the third rating on a four-point scale.

The Delta Optical Titanium ROH series binoculars combine elegance and style with modern technical solutions. The ROH abbreviation stands for a series of hunting binoculars with a modern roof prism construction and lenses with a diameter of 56 mm . Due to special prisms and a well-thought-out internal structure, the Delta Optical Titanium ROH binoculars are probably the smallest and lightest binoculars with 56 mm lenses in the world. With a weight not exceeding 950 g the Delta Optical Titanium ROH binoculars have dimensions similar to binoculars with 50 mm lenses and overcome them with the possibilities of slightly more than 25% larger surface of the lenses.

All the lenses of the Titanium ROH series binoculars are coated with specially selected, multi-layer antireflection FMC coatings with an efficiency of 99%. As a result, the total light transmission is maintained at 90%, which was confirmed by the German DEVA institute. This is a better result than in other binoculars - the image in our binoculars is brighter and cleaner, despite the identical lens diameter and the same magnification.

Durable Titanium ROH binoculars bodies , made entirely of light aluminum alloys, are covered with a nice-to-the-touch, textured rubber. The internal focusing system with a centrally located adjustment knob makes focusing quick and easy, with a small range of rotation of the knob. The right eyepiece is equipped with an additional diopter correction for people with visual impairment. All the Titanium ROH series binoculars are completely waterproof and nitrogen-filled, which prevents them from vaporizing from the inside. Adjustable twist-up eyecups allow comfortable observation with glasses.

These binoculars are not only about modern technology. The design and style of the Delta Optical Titanium ROH binoculars comes from Poland, because the binoculars have been entirely designed and developed in Poland. Their unique elegance and high quality of workmanship were appreciated in the industrial design competition " Dobry Design " 2013, in which the ROH series binoculars reached the finals. Each pair of binoculars comes with a practical case and a convenient carrying strap.

Advantages of the Delta Optical Titanium ROH binoculars

binoculars with lenses with a diameter of 56 mm with the dimensions of binoculars with smaller 50 mm lenses
the highest 90% light transmission among popular roof prism binoculars
completely sealed, nitrogen-filled, water vapor-free body made of light metal alloys
internal focusing system for precise and quick focusing
adjustable twist-up eyecups for observation with glasses
modern design confirmed with a distinction - finalist of the 2013 "Good Design" competition

- Supplier's symbol: DO-1409
- Binocular Series Name: Titanium
- Magnification: 12x
- Objective lens diameter: 56 mm
- Objective lens material: glass
- Lens antireflection coatings: FMC
- Twilight efficiency: 21.2
- Relative brightness: 49.0
- Exit pupil diameter: 7.0 mm
- Eye relief: 17 mm
- Angular field of view: 6.8 °
- Linear field of view per 1000 m: 119 m
- Focus adjustment: internal central
- Minimum focus distance: 2 m
- Adjusting the interpupillary distance: 59-73 mm
- Diopter adjustment: - / + 5
- Prism type: roof
- Prism material: BaK4 glass
- Prism antireflection coatings: Yes
- Roof prism reflection layers: metallic
- Watertightness: Yes
- Nitrogen filling: Yes
- Tripod mount: no
- Weight: 950 g
- Dimensions: 160x140x70 mm
- Guarantee period: 120 months

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