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Umbrella Armory SPR RECCE (Art:00003277)

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SPR RECCE (Art:00003277)
Farbe: Black

- Hop-Up: Adjustable
- Shooting Mode: Semi and full automatic
- Magazine capacity: 150 rds
- Length: 945 mm
- Length (folded): 863 mm
- Inner barrel length: 416 mm
- Thread: 14mm CCW
- Motor: Long
- Connection: T-Plug
- Caliber: 6mm
- Gearboxversion: v2 Custom
- Weight: 3.2 kg
- Muzzle Velocity (0.20g): approx. 450 fps (1.90 Joule)

Krytac, a tried and true brand that is known to offer premium AEGs, has been Umbrella’s long running partner. Predominantly we are taking an already great platform and transform it into something exceptional. The SPR is the most versatile long rifle from collection, setting ground in the medium to long range, open field rifle category. Capabilities at 450FPS make this rifle the powerhouse for outdoor games, excelling at long range engagements due to its longer inner barrel and high muzzle velocity. All this while maintaining a hefty 25rps in full-auto.

FPS: -450
RPS: -25

Building an open field rifle, designed to outclass long range opponents, while maintaining maneuverability and firepower was the core challenge in creating this RECCE. Solved with a focus on trigger response and superior muzzle velocity and accuracy at range this rifle is able to go head to head with its high powered counterparts, allowing players to engage at long ranges

Trigger feeling is integral to performing great with any gun. All our Krytac rifles are equipped with the Advanced Titan Optical MOSFETs providing a fast trigger registration, alongside our Hair Trigger Modification for a feeling that connects the player with his gun.

Players must not change technical settings (e.g. active braking, precocking) of the rifle as this may result in performance errors or damage not covered under the warranty.

In order to ensure that your rifle is able to keep up with the higher rate of fire and higher muzzle velocity, the most critical load bearing components have been reinforced and adjusted meticulously.

- Gearbox: Modified Krytac 8mm Nautilus V2 Gearbox Shell
- Gear Set: 18:1 Short Stroked Krytac SSG, Spur Gear; ZCI Bevel
- Motor: ASG BOOST 40,000 RPM, 16 TPA Motor
- MOSFET: GATE Titan V2 Advanced
- Bearing Set: Umbrella Armory 8mm Steel Ball Caged Bearings
- Spring: M125
- Piston Head: POM Piston Head (Washer Mod)
- Piston Body: Short Stroked 15 Steel Teeth Heat Treated, Piston
- Trigger: Retro Arms CNC Red "J-Type" modified trigger
- Tappet Plate: Guarder V2 Modified Tappet Plate
- Tappet Spring: G&G Tappet Spring
- Cylinder: Polished Ported Cylinder
- Cylinder Head: Modify V2 S303 Stainless Steel Cylinder Head
- Air Nozzle: VFC POM Air Nozzle with Internal O-ring
- Hop Up Chamber: M-Nubbed ProWin / Dytac CNC Hopup Chamber
- Bucking: Flat Hopped Madbull Blue Bucking
- Inner Barrel: R-Hopped Prometheus Stainless Steel 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel (416mm)
- A battery (NiMh) is included. A battery charger is not included.

- (2) PTS EPM Magazines (Black)
- (2) 11.1V Batteries
- Umbrella Armory Large Patch
- Umbrella Armory Small Patch

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