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Princeton Tec VIZZ TAC MPLS Tan / MultiCam (Art:00002813)

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VIZZ TAC MPLS Tan / MultiCam (Art:00002813)

Made by the renowned American company Princeton Tec, VIZZ TACTICAL Modular Personal Lighting System allows you to wear the flashlight in four ways: mounted to a helmet with OPS-Core VAS mounting, mounted to a helmet with MICH NVG mounting, on the head or helmet with a flexible band and attached to a MOLLE/PALS compliant horizontal band or backpack.

The strongest of the Princeton Tec series of tactical flashlights, the Vizz headlamp features a powerful Maxbright LED that generates a white light output of up to 420 lumens at a range of 78 metres. It also has a second, "dimmed" mode for longer light output and less intense illumination.

The torchlight is also equipped with four additional Ultrabright LEDs, which are illuminated in red, blue, green and infrared (IR). The light modes can be easily programmed by pressing and holding the button, even in the field. This makes the flashlight an excellent choice for those needing a variety of tactical lighting, offering up to six different modes in one waterproof and lightweight package.

The package includes:
-NVG adapter for OPS-Core VAS and MICH NVG helmet mounting
-Flexible headband with flashlight mounting
-MOLLE bracket

- MPLS version with mounting for NVG helmet systems and MOLLE/PALS-compliant pals
- Six light modes: high and low (white), red, blue green and IR (infrared)
- Easy to use
- Easy battery replacement
- Large, convenient mode change button
- Programmable modes of light
- Adjustment of the head angle
- Lightweight design, compact size
- Adjustable elastic band in licensed Multicam camouflage

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